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1. Summary

This command lets the user choose a single property from a JSON object.

2. Examples

Figure 1. The Command

Due to simplicity, the descriptiveText input parameter will be left empty for the examples. By default, it is set to „Please choose a value from the object to continue.“.

All example images use the Human Task representation of the Workflow Executor.

The command takes a JSON object as an input. In our example we use the following JSON.

  "firstName": "Max",
  "lastName": "Mustermann",
  "hobby": {
    "id": 0,
    "name": "Coding"
Example 1. Command run with sample JSON
ChooseValueFromObject1 1
ChooseValueFromObject1 2

We are now able to select any of the first level properties of the object (in our case firstName, lastName, age or hobby). The selected key will be written under key, and the selected property under value