Based on our PAK SDK we implemented some applications which you can use for creating and running workflows. They also prove that you can write any app based on our framework and benefit directly from our construction kit.

Workflow BPMN Editor

With the Workflow BPMN Editor you can create your very own workflows.

  • quick creation support
  • integrated dataflow analysis tools
  • data mapping support
  • full workflow versioning support
  • multiple command source support
    • Maven Repositories
    • Open API

Workflow Executor

As the name suggests, the Workflow Executor can execute workflows which were created by the BPMN Editor

  • full workflow control so its possible to
    • run workflows
    • suspend and resume workflows at any time
    • terminate a workflow execution directly
  • supports human tasks
  • integrated connection & credential support
  • integrated single command runner
  • multiple command source support (Maven Repository, Open API)
  • user log highlighting

PAK Online

PAK Online is a web based application where you can upload workflows and run them periodically or on REST demand.

  • Provides a Open API based REST API
  • perfect for automations where no human interaction is needed
  • downloads commands which are needed for the execution automatically at workflow runtime
  • secured by Keycloak
  • packed as Docker Image