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1. Summary

Prompts the user with a date chooser, that can optionally be extended to include a time chooser as well. The resulting date time will be formatted according to the ISO-8601 norm.

2. Examples

Figure 1. The Command

Due to simplicity, the descriptiveText input parameter will be left empty for the examples. By default, it is set to „Please choose a date to continue.“ and „Please choose a date and time to continue.“ respectively.

All example images use the Human Task representation of the Workflow Executor.
Table 1. Command run with no inputs
ChooseDate1 1
ChooseDate1 2

In the first example, we did not provide any inputs, so by default we are only prompted with a date chooser. We need to choose a date in order to continue, in our case the 23. Dec 2022. Our result will be written as "2022-12-23T00:00:00.000Z".

Example 1. Command run with time chooser
ChooseDate2 1
ChooseDate2 2

In the second example, withTimeChooser is set to true, so we are additionally prompted with a time chooser. So in order to continue, we need to provide a time as well, in our case 1pm. Our result will be written as "2022-12-23T12:00:00.000Z".

Due to normalization, the resulting time may be off for your time zone, it will be stored in the Zulu time zone (UTC +0)