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         * <pre>
	 * @workflowDocu Parameter map for the Jenkins job that will be executed.
	 *               Caution:
	 *               If the build job is not parametrized, the value must be
	 *               null.
	 *               If the build job is parameterized, the parameter map must
	 *               not be null.
	 *               For a parametrized build job the specified map can be empty. In
	 *               this case, the build job will be started with its default
	 *               values.
	 *               A parameter consists of a parameter name (key) and a value
	 *               (value). String, numbers and logic values are supported. Each
	 *               object will be converted to a String using its toString()
	 *               method.
	@Persistent(mandatory = false)
	private Map<String, Object> parameters;