What is PAK

PAK is a flexible modular java based sdk which is designed to
  • automate your tools you work with locally and online in a easy way on a low code base
  • be as much as possible flexible for your specific automation needs
  • make your legacy code ready for automation on a low code base
  • be integratable to fit into everyones software
  • make every code reusable for automation

How is PAK build up

Core SDK

The core sdk is the heart of our automation framework, which is responsible to execute your workflows in a secure traceable way. It comes with a rich variety of basic components which you can directly use. It also offers you big possibilities to customize them or to provide your own components for more specific automation needs.

  • based on Java, Kotlin, Javascript and Html
  • extremly modular and flexible in its usage
  • easy to extend because it offers a wide api and spi

Read more about the api and the core components here

Connectors & Commands

Are the base of our “construction kit” which are reusable collections of functions which you can use to design a automation workflow.

We already deliver connectors for many common known tools (such as jenkins, jira, git, ms-office, etc…)


based on our framework we implemented some apps you can use

  • Bpmn Editor – is a desktop app to create automation workflows based on our / your construction kit
  • Workflow Executor – is a desktop app where you can execute workflows / commands
  • PAK Online – is a web application where you can run workflows periodically or on REST demand
  • CLI Jar – a command line based jar which can be started and used via command line (use on any platform)

Read more about our Apps here

Other joys PAK will bring to you

  • define workflows with Human interactions
  • automate thousands of Open API based REST APIs without writing code
  • Full versioning support for commands & workflows
  • continuous delivery support for commands
  • Testutils which will help to test your automations
  • Dataflow analysis tools which will assist you
  • Rich JSON data mapping functionalities

How does PAK differ from other frameworks

  • open extendable core framework
  • designed to automate local and online tools
  • write your commands “framework free“, just anotate the code you want to automate
  • integrable into any app or environment