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Use Cases

Currently, it is not possible to unit-/integration test Human Tasks. They can, however, be smoke tested by using the Single Command Runner of the Workflow Executor, which will be described in the following chapter.

The Workflow Executor can be downloaded here.

Another reason would be a command which uses a service that is unique to an executing application, for instance the IJsonMapper, and need to test the command within this environment.

Smoke Testing commands in the Workflow Executor

The Workflow Executor offers the possibility to fetch commands from a local folder. In order to use this functionality, you’ll need to specify a folder containing one or more .jar files that include your commands.

Figure 1. Selecting the repository in the Workflow Executor

In order to collect you commands in a .jar file, select the Gradle command build > jar. The corresponding .jar file(s) will be generated and stored in the ./build/libs inside the module, containing your commands.

Figure 2. Creating jar files from your Commands