Application Releases 1.6.15

We are pleased to present you the latest update of our PAK based Applications! This release includes numerous improvements and new features that will make your workflows even more efficient. Read on to learn more!

Workflow Executor

The Workflow Executor also includes new features such as:

  • A search function is added to the JSON Viewer
  • Search for commands within specific version numbers is possible
  • Workflow executor is able to pull workflows from a "PAK Repository"
  • Changed dialog "Command Repository" to "PAK Repository"
  • Added new possibility "Open new Workflow from Repository"
  • The executor is now able to clear its caches when pressing the reload commands button in expert mode

Workflow BPMN Editor

With the Release 1.6.5 of the Workflow BPMN Editor you benefit from the following features:

  • Change Command Repo dialog to "PAK Repositories"
  • After deprecation of old interpolations there are old workflows which need to be migrated
  • It is possible to upload and download a workflow to a remote repository. Share your creations!