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1. What you will learn

In this tutorial you will learn how to use PAKs Workflow Migration commands to migrate workflows to PAK v.1.6.x

2. Prerequisites

  • Roughly 5 minutes

  • The PAK Workflow Executor ( Download )

3. What changed

The old interpolation done by using enclosing dollar signs $interpolate$ are fully replaced with the interpolation with enclosing curly brackets ${interpolate} .

The old ways aren’t supported anymore. Any workflow using the old interpolation needs to migrate, in order to work in the newer versions of the Workflow Automation App.

4. How To Migrate

In the current PAK version 1.6 there are two commands. The first one, „Check Workflow Migration 1_6“, checks if interpolations in a BPMN file are already migrated from version 1.5 to 1.6. The second command, „Migrate Workflow 1_6“, migrates the Workflow file from version 1.5 to 1.6.

4.1. Check Workflow Migration

The „Check Workflow Migration 1_6“ command has one input field which is mandatory. The content of this field must specify the path to a BPMN workflow file or to a directory containing several Workflow files.

check workflow migration input
Figure 1. „Check Workflow Migration 1_6“ command view in Workflow Executor

After executing the command the result of the migration check will be displayed. If the result is false migration is necessary.

check workflow migration result
Figure 2. Result view of „Check Workflow Migration 1_6“ command

4.2. Migrate Workflow

The „Migrate Workflow 1_6“ command has three input fields:

  • Path to workflow file or directory

    • This field is mandatory

  • Checkmark if files should be migrated recursively

    • This field is not mandatory

    • Default value: „false“

  • MigrationMode for copying or overwriting files during migration

    • This field is not mandatory

    • Default value: „OVERWRITE“

If „OVERWRITE“ is chosen existing files are updated. Otherwise copies were created and migrated.
migrate workflow input
Figure 3. „Migrate Workflow 1_6“ command view in Workflow Executor

After executing the command the file or directory is migrated.

migrate workflow result
Figure 4. Result view of „Migrate Workflow 1_6“ command