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„If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in“

So this documentation is all about bugs and common mistakes inside the Workflow Executor App.


BPMN / Human Task does not open (on first startup)


This rare bug happens when you want to start a Workflow for the first time. Since we are using a chromium based browser component for rendering the Workflow, the browser has to initialize first. This sometimes needs too much time and ends in a deadlock.


  1. Please restart the application

ZipFile invalid LOC Header



Since we are downloading all needed commands at Workflow runtime, it sometimes happens that corrupt artifacts are downloaded due network problems.


Quickfix (for non developers)
  1. Close the application

  2. Delete the .m2 folder which is located under C:/Users/yourUser/

Clean fix (for developers)
  1. Close the application

  2. Determine the affected artifact through the logs

  3. Delete the affected artefact folder inside m2 repository located under C:/User/yourUser/

If you are interested you can read more about this bug here.

Could not find your bug here?

Please be free to contact us in case of a bug. For this use the menu Help > Contact Support function of our app. Or go directly to our Contact Support Page.