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What you Will Learn

In this summary you will learn how you can enable your workflow to accept user inputs during runtime.

1. Human Tasks

Figure 1. Example of a Human Task

Human Tasks generally describe tasks that PAK cannot fulfill by itself. Most Human Tasks are used in order to get specific inputs or confirmations by the user. They can be put in two categories, generic tasks which can be executed in most environments and domain specific tasks which are for example limited to the Workflow Executor.

1.1. Generic Human Tasks

All generic Human Tasks can be found under ‚HumanTasks/Generic‘.

Choose Date

Prompts the user to choose a date (and time optionally)

Choose Item

Lets the user choose an item out of a list

Search Item

Analogous to ‚Choose Item‘, but also enables the search for items

Choose Value From Object

Lets the user choose a key from a json object

Configurable Table

Configures a table scheme, which the user can extend

Create Form

Prompts the user with a multi form to fill out

Create Form From Template

Prompts the user with a form to fill out generated by a json Template

Multiple Choice

Lets the user choose one or more items out of a list

Show Image

Lets the user choose an image url to be displayed

Simple Ok

Awaits the users confirmation

Simple Text Input

Prompts the user with an input textfield

Simple Yes No

Lets the user choose between ‚Yes‘ and ‚No‘

1.2. Workflow Executor Human Tasks

All Workflow Executor specific Human Tasks can be found under ‚HumanTasks/JavaFX‘.


Open File Or Directory

Lets the user choose a file or directory on the local file system