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1. Summary

This command lets you create a multi form page which the user has to fill out to continue.

2. Examples

Figure 1. The Command

Due to simplicity, the descriptiveText input parameter will be left empty for the examples. By default, it is set to „Please fill out the form below to continue“.

The jsonTemplate input field takes a json form template creating the form, e.g:

    "label": "First Name",
    "dataType": "text",
    "fieldId": "firstName",
    "initialValue": "John",
    "mandatoryField": "true"
    "label": "Last Name",
    "dataType": "text",
    "fieldId": "lastName",
    "mandatoryField": "true"
    "label": "Age",
    "dataType": "Number",
    "fieldId": "age"
CreateFormFromTemplate1 1
Example 1. The created Form

In general the Form will be created in following pattern:

[{Form Field 1},{Form Field 2},…​]

The Form needs to at least contain 1 Form Field.

A Form Field is generated by following Data:

Name of Data What it is needed for


This is the name of the input


This is the Data Type of the input field, e.g. text ,number, date


This is the key of this form field when it gets saved in a JSON object


This the prefilled value of this form field when opening the Form


This classifies if this form field needs to be filled out to continue