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What This Is About

The following paragraphs link to the guides that explain how to use the BPMN Editor App. Every paragraph title is a link sending you to the corresponding guide with a short description below.

Usage Tutorials

Build a simple Workflow

This guide will show you through the process of creating your first simple workflow-

Using the global Datastore

After finishing this guide you will know when and how to use global constants inside a workflow.

How to map data from Command A to Command B

After finishing this tutorial you will have a basic overview of what mappings are, why they are needed and how to use them.

How to use Gateways

This short guide gives you an overview which Gateways can be used inside a BPMN based workflow.

Advanced Command data mapping

In this tutorial you will learn how to bring mappings to the next level by using PAKs Interpolation to manipulate variables from the datastore.

What is the Dataflow Analysis

The Dataflow Analyser is a helpful function which supports you when doing data mappings. In this short tutorial you will learn the basics about it.

How to upload and download Workflows

In this guide you will learn how to upload and download Workflows using the PAK Editor.

Configuration of the Application

Manage the Available Commands and Workflows

After finishing this guide you will understand how to manage command and workflow repositories in the Bpmn Editor App.

Manage SSL-Certificates

The guide explains why you could need SSL-Certificates and how to manage them inside the BPMN Editor App.

Configuration of a Proxy

After finishing this guide you will understand how to configure a proxy in the Bpmn Editor App.

Other useful Documentation

Example Workflows

Showcases example workflows which can be used to learn and understand commonly used structures and usecases.

Full Interpolation Reference

In PAK there is the possibility to interpolate values when mapping values from Command to Command. This short Guide will show you how what is possible.

Known Bugs & Common mistakes inside the Bpmn Editor Application

Here you will find a list of known bugs inside the BPMN Editor App and how to solve them.