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What You Will Learn

The guide explains how to update the license inside the BPMN Editor App.

1. How to check the expiring Date from the current License?

If your license already has expired a message box appears after starting the BPMN Editor app. If you already have a new license key you can activate it directly in the message box.

license warning
Figure 1. Message box – license warning

If your license is still valid you can find the expiring date and other license information in the menu by clicking on Help and then on About / License.

where to find license info
Figure 2. Where to find license information

2. Why do you need a License?

You will need a license to use the complete functionality of the BPMN Editor app.

check license info
Figure 3. Explorer license information
With the explorer license you are just able to build Workflows with a maximum of ten Commands and one API supported by PAK. You cannot add Subworkflows.

3. How to get a new License?

To get a new license please contact us via the PAK website on PAK Pricing Plans.

4. How to activate your new License?

To activate a new license you have to enter a license key in the text box below the license information and save it by clicking on the Save button.

enter new license
Figure 4. Activating the license
A purchased license key is only valid for three days after generation. After the activation time expired, a new license key must be requested.
license older 3 days
Figure 5. License exceeded three days activation time

For checking if the license activation was successful you can check the license information again and you will see the new expiring date as well as the scopes it includes.

check updated license info
Figure 6. Updated license information